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Have you got a large amount of information you need to distribute to your customers? Fancy presenting your information in an alternative way? Want to distribute something with a high perceived value? Why not try our USB Memory Sticks? They make for a sleek, novel and modern way in communicating with your clients, and have numerous benefits for both you and your customer:
We offer USB Memory Sticks in a range of different sizes, from 128mb to a massive 128gb and in an endless array of 'off the shelf' and custom designs. We can also offer an express delivery service, so if you have deadlines to hit, we will be able to get certain designs to you within 5 days of approval.

Why memory sticks?

If you have a sales brochure, product catalogue, promotional videos, or something similar to distribute, you can put them onto the internet. But then you have to get people to actually view or download these items. The internet is a HUGE resource, and it's very easy for your message to get lost in the noise. When you hand some one a USB Memory Stick, you are handing them something of value. It doesn't just carry your content, but is a useful tool in it's own right. Your prospects or customers can use the memory stick to backup or copy their own files. Each time, they'll see your logo and/or message.

Prices continue to fall, so these great little devices are becomming more and more useful as a marketing tool. If you want an 'off the shelf' memory stick with your logo, quantities of less than 1,000 can be supplied fairly quickly. Within about a week or so. For custom designed sticks, or larger quantities, the lead time can increase to three or four weeks.

Collection of USB Memory Sticks, including the Twister, Twister Mono, Trident, Chic, Probe, Oval, Switch, Rotate, Habour, and Vintage.