Direct Marketing offers heaps of varied methods, techniques and approaches when considering who you are marketing to, what you are actually marketing and the tone of the advertisement. Each aspect can impact the design, so careful deliberation is a must in order to maximise your chances of it being received well.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best direct marketing campaigns that inspire us, made us giggle or are too good to not be on this list!

1. Natural History Museum

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As part of Studio-Sutherland’s Natural History Museum; they were tasked in giving the Natural History Museum an identity. Using a unique approach both creatively and practically, this print allows the recipient to use it as a mask; embodying the animal in which the print provides information on.

This clever marketing campaign also inspires us to interact with the print; which is exactly what the NHM want you to do! By enabling us to get a little closer to nature through marketing, we are more likely to continue interacting with the NHM to discover what other exciting creatures you can interact with!

2. Kit Kat Chunky

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Using humour and incentives, Kit Kat’s use of clever direct marketing in the form of a parody. Kit Kat uses its direct mail to play on the likeness of the Royal Mail’s undelivered mail forms; using something very common in many peoples lives but with a “chunky” twist.

Paired with an incentive, this direct mail not only reinforces brand awareness with recipients of this direct marketing; but allows the firm to communicate with consumers on a level that is understanding of the audience. Additionally, by mailing each card using the name and address of their target audience; further personalisation is added.

3. BMW Interactive Mail

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To break the mould on simple, conventional direct mail; BMW took the scenic route when deciding how to get their consumers to engage. Applying a different approach, the mailer is opened by tearing down a seam that flows and interacts with the design. This enables the recipient to interact directly with the design, resulting in better response to the message on the inside with clever engagement.

BMW exemplifies out of the box thinking with their BMW interactive mailer; showing that those who differentiate themselves from the crowd will reap the rewards and see better performance of their direct marketing campaigns.

4. Volkswagen

A unique approach to direct mail is using pop-out effects to symbolise, draw attention to or stylise logos, motifs and messages. Volkswagen decided to harness this style of direct mail with their VW pop-out mailer which is transformed into a snowflake when opened. Paired with good timing, Volkswagen are able to re-engage customers over the winter seasons to promote their new products.

5. Azede Jean-Pierre Transforming Mailer

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Last but not least, one of our personal favourites: Azede Jean-Pierre’s pop-out, transforming mailer! Using unique packaging and material, the firm applies branded imagery and a minimalist design to target a younger demographic. Furthermore, its jaw dropping transformation from a booklet into a box containing personalised copy and imagery steals the show; demanding attention from it’s recipients and target audience.

This approach at Direct Marketing truly shows how much room there is for creativity in something which is considered so simple and mundane. Show your consumers that mail is something they should be excited to receive!

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